Sunday, September 12, 2010

So, I came across this earlier and I like it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have about 15 minutes before I have to wake my daughter up and help her to get ready for school. . so I thought I'd make a brief post. It's been my intention to update this thing but I suffer from procrastinators syndrome (It's awful) 

Since my daughter started Kindergarten things have been busier which is good because I have more to do. She's had a long weekend because of Labor Day and now it's time for her to head back for another week. I'm so grateful that she's adjusted well so far. The school's not far from the house and before she started "big school" as we call it she went to daycare and several other kids who attended daycare with her are now at the same elementary school she gets to see some familiar faces on the playground and in the hallways.   :)  I would have been a little worried about her being anxious and keeping to herself if this wasn't the case. She has a tendency to be very shy when she meets new people and it takes her awhile to warm up to them. 

In addition to my daughter starting school I've started my new job. It's been three weeks now and I'm still adjusting. Employees there seem very nice though and it's not a tough or complicated job by any means. The downside is since I pretty much have no seniority whatsoever I'm stuck with an undesirable shift. My work schedule does allow me to take my daughter to and from school though which is great! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In a rut.

I searched the information laden internet and found several definitions for the word rut and found what I thought to be the best definition to apply to my current state -- that is my current state until recently. The definition comes from WordNet and is :   (n) rut, groove (a settled and monotonous routine that is hard to escape).  I'm sure everyone's been there at some point. . feeling trapped or bored with their life, basically sick of doing the same ol' same ol' everyday. Maybe some people even experience "rut cycles" if such a thing exists where they get in these tiny ruts until they find some way to spice up their lives or make them more eventful. I can't pinpoint when all these feelings of unaccomplishment and lack of inspiration started but I can say it lasted for farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr too long. It seemed neverending in fact. .

Until now that is! Hurrah!

What brought me out? It's simple really. Change, that's it. The only thing that can take anyone away from going through the same motions over and over again is just that a change. For me it involved what a lot of folks would probably consider a foolhardy decision but honestly at the time I made my decision I felt it was just something I HAD to do. The end result of my action has yet to be seen but for now so far so good. I'm happier, more motivated, and inspired than before. Is there a much better way to be?